Attorney and Counsellor At Law

Crisis Management
For more than 30 years, I have engaged in crisis management for my clients.  Whether it related to high profile cases, or clients whose position or prominence presented issues collateral to their legal problems, I was there to manage the crisis.

It is critical to deal thoughtfully and sensitively with such matters as media relations, privacy and damage to reputation or business.  Often, the harm stemming from the mere fact of arrest was more damaging than the case itself.  Indeed, a person's entire career could be destroyed in an instant if not properly handled.  Ignoring the crisis can be a disaster. Handling it poorly can be even worse.

I have had great success in dealing with these matters, and have been able to keep many clients from having their good names smeared publicly.  When their identities were already known publicly, I have been able to address the media, turn the publicity around and salvage their reputations.  I cannot stress how important it is to accomplish these goals.  Winning the case is good, but doing so at the expense of the client's future is a hollow victory. 

Many lawyers, even exceptionally good ones, simply cannot address this need, whether because of lack of experience with the media, overwork or tactical blindness. The harm can be devastating.

In order to help fill this gap in representation, I am also available for crisis management for clients of other attorneys.  Do not leave your future to the whim of the media. They are not your friends, and cannot be trusted.